• RL25/7.5
  • 产品型号:RL25/7.5


Feature/特征:Wet motor pump, low noise/屏蔽泵,噪音低There pre-selectable speed stages for power adjustment/可三档调速Electrical connections possible on both sides of the terminal box/可从接线盒任意一侧接线Terminal Box position: 3h ; 6h ; 9h ; 12h/接线盒可四方为旋转,以适应各种安装 Application/应用:Hot water heating systems of all kinds/热水采暖系统Industrial circulation systems/工业循环系统Cold water system and air-conditioning systems/冷水和空调系统Roof tank to water tap transfer(ST20/11 with fow switch)/屋顶水箱向下供水增压(ST20/11配 流量开关)


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