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  • Hisewlift 3-15
  • 产品型号:Hisewlift 3-15


Feature/特征:Automatically operating small lifting unit with macerator/自动运行的带切碎刀的微型污水提升器Connected directly to a toilet basin with a horizontal connection port/横向连接端口可直接与 马桶连接Odour-free exhaust ventilation into the room is carried out by an active carbon flter/内置活性 碳过滤器,可有效吸收异味Self-sealing, contemporary, space-saving design/自密封,结构紧凑,节省空间 Application/应用:Fountain, clean water drainage application/喷泉,清水排水系统Water supply from wells and rivers/水井和河流向上供水


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