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  • 产品型号:HiDrainlift 3-35


Feature/特征:Low-noise operation thanks to built-in submersible pump/低噪音,内置式安装水泵Large tank volume/水箱容积大With active carbon flter (TMP32-0.5.1EM only)/设有活性碳过滤器(TMP32-0.5.1EM) Installation-ready for placement in concealed foor structures (Exclude TMP-32.05)/隐蔽式安装 (除TMP-32.05) Application/应用:Wastewater lifting unit for automatic drainage of showers, washbasins, washing machines, dishwashers, etc/自动提升来自淋浴,洗池,洗衣机,洗碗机等的废水Drainage of rooms, garage entrances and cellar stairways that are subject to possible fooding (BOX series only)/房间的污水,停车库入口的污水及地窖楼梯间的污水,也可用于暴雨后的 积水(BOX系列)


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